fighting the social work dept in the UK

my child is still in care  no mater what we do the social work are stil not happy and now we only see her six times a year during the school holidays for one and half hours at a time.

They don’t answer to anyone as they don’t have a governing body .The can do what they want with the children and parents and not answer to any one and they is no one to help im slowly going in to depression and don’t want to go to doctors as they can find out if you take any medication if they want to its sinking


one year on

Now that my daughter is now still in after a year. i was told that i don’t give her enough cuddles and kisses after be told that  i was giving her too many and that they are concerned that she calls the foster carer mum and the social worker mum when she first meet them.  They now are concerned that i don’t have any type of connection with my child as she always wants to do her homework with her dad while i am cooking the dinner. as that is what she got used to and now it is that we have been told that i have to do the homework and he is to do the cooking (the once i let him cook  i was sick with food poisoning for a week) but he now has to cook for kerry even though we only get 1.5hours twice a week with her in this time we have to do her homework which is to types a she has to do normal school work and speech therapy  as she has a speech development problem and goes to a school which deals with this type of issue in children this is for children aged from 5-year-old till 8-year-old.  cook dinner let her eat it do the dishes and play with her as well under the watchful eye of a social worker at all times even when she needs to go to the toilet as we have to get let out and into the room  we use which is the staff room of a family contact center